FAB-TECH, MFG is a full-service Structural Steel Fabrication company based in Prineville, OR.

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Completed Projects

Some of our completed projects have been:
Pioneer Memorial Hospital, Prineville, OR
Wilco, Bend, OR
Walgreens, Bend, OR
BPA Charles Luce, Pasco, WA
BPA Chemewa Sub Station, Oregon State University
LCL Boom, Oakland Bay Bridge
HNL Terminal, Hawaii
Data Centers, Umatilla, OR
Cash-N-Carry, Hawaii

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Ongoing Projects

Some of our ongoing projects are:
St. Charles Hospital in Prineville, OR
Barnes Butte Elementary School, Prineville, OR
Boeing, Washington
Murray Building, Bend, OR
Arney Retail, Woodburn, OR
BPA Radio Station, Washington and Oregon
Gustav’s Restaurant, Keizer, OR
High Lakes Health Care, Bend, OR
Data Centers, Prineville, OR

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FAB-TECH, MFG is a full-service Structural Steel Fabrication company based in Prineville, OR. Since our beginning in April of 1999, FAB-TECH, MFG has become an ever expanding Fabrication, Structural Steel and Powder Coating Company in Oregon. In addition to Structural Steel Fabrication we also provide a Project Management Team, Detailing and Miscellaneous Metals fabrication facility that enables us to be a full-service provider.

FAB-TECH, MFG specializes in a variety of tasks ranging from small miscellaneous projects, to large structural steel packages. Some of which include; parts on the world’s largest Ferris wheel in Las Vegas, NV, the Oakland Bay Bridge, Data Centers in Oregon, North Carolina and Texas. Additional projects include:

  • Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon.
  • St. Charles Hospital in Prineville, Oregon
  • Barnes Butte Elementary in Prineville, Oregon.
  • BPA in Pasco, Washington and in Eugene for the Chemawa Sub-station.

FAB-TECH, MFG is highly revered as a solid company working with local contractors as well as international contractors on a broad base of projects. FAB-TECH, MFG prides its self on product quality, strict deadlines and ensuring the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. We are confident we can assist you with your project, no matter how large or small.